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GippslandiaJune 2020

It was about time for Gippslandia to traverse beyond their print-first approach and show some love to their digital presence with a new website.

With an amazing re-design, carefully thought out IA, and a new technical stack—Gippslandia have an elevated digital presence that does justice to their beautiful curated content.

The refresh has brought forward greater membership functionality as a way to give back to the generous contributors of the paper.

The Gippsland region, and East Gippsland in particular, has taken quite a blow over the past year—with the fires, flood and now COVID lingering.

We hope that this improved snazzy website highlights the creativity of the region and lures more folk to visit and bring some life back into the area.

MedLitGo MVPApril 2020

With the digital age we live in, information sharing is at it's peak. The accessibility of information has made it easier for people to conduct secondary research rather than solely relying on the services of professionals. Though when it comes to medical information, this abundance can be more hindering than helpful.

Working with the Omncell team, they discussed their vision of hosting a platform that served as a sort of interactive wiki that would allow patients and doctors to create dialogue. We built an MVP of this vision where users could 'react' and comment on pieces of medical information and resources.

Minus18April 2020

We redesigned Minus18's website with their latest brand assets and implemented a new tech stack. Previously running on Joomla, the site was overdue for a modern take.

Leveraging services such as Netlify, Mailchimp, GiveNow and Shopify, we were able to build a content managable website which has removed previous manual tasks the Minus18 team were having to perform surrounding CRM and their store. With reduced complexity managing their site, Minus18 can dedicate more resources to their core services.

Family Violence Intervention OrderFebruary 2020

More than 85,000 family violence intervention orders (FVIO) are filed each year across 52 courts in Victoria. The previous FVIO form was paper driven and processed manually which raised complexities. There was an opportunity to digitalise this whole process.

Winning Gold at the Melbourne Design Awards in the 'Digital - Government Services' category, this is the first online form for a family violence intervention order in Australia.

Melbourne Uni Grad tool MVPDecember 2019

We leveraged data from UOM's business intelligence team surrounding students and the common pathways they took during their time as students to develop a tool that would take students on a personalised joursey whilst exploring their graduate options.

UOM students have been exposed to courses they never heard or thought of and the opportunity to plan their educational path.

Sustainability VictoriaOctober 2019

We set out to devise a tool which simplifies SV's grants and funding application processes to drive a higher amount of businesses to apply.

The tool has been able to simplify the processes and information for prospective grantees, creating less friction and ultimately a higher chance of businesses to create/engage with projects that are sustainable and better for the planet.

Pivot careerMay 2019

With data collected from thousands of job ads spanning over several years, FYA were looking to utilise this data to create a tool that would shift the mindset of TAFE students, educators, aged care employees and their employers away from job-specific training towards building a portfolio of transferable skills.

We created Pivot, an application which allows users by answering quick questions and entering their experience, find out what jobs they are currently applicable for and which jobs they can pursue based on their current skill gaps.

Pivot won Gold at the Melbourne Design Awards in the 'Digital - EdTech' category.


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